Gladiator Sword of Vengeance, Download Game PC Full via mediafire

Gladiator Sword of Vengeance, Download Game PC Full via mediafire
Download Free Game Full PC. Game Gladiator Sword of Vengeance is a game About Ancient Rome, and more specifically the Roman gladiators always make the material attractive for a variety of entertainment media. Over the years, various films, including Academy Award-winning classics Ben Hur and Gladiator, featuring some of the coolest gladiator action sequences every created and made ​​heroes of the enslaved by the Roman soldiers.

Yet there are plenty of good action games to feature Roman gladiators are really serious in its manufacture. More recently, it all comes to change, thanks to Acclaim‘s Gladiator: Sword of Vengeance, an action adventure game rooted deeply in a style that combines Ridley Scott‘s Gladiator with some of the myths that more aspects of Roman history. Gladiator does have some drawbacks, as a simple and often flawed game can be problematic. However, some production values ​​are very good and interesting storyline that ultimately makes the game most certainly worth it out.

Gladiator: Sword of Vengeance is basically a simple research about the action game but with a cool story, cool graphics, and sound cool.

Screenshoots :

System Requirements Minimum:

  • Pentium III 1GHz Processor
  • 256MB RAM
  • 1.3GB Hard Disk Space
  • 4X CD-ROM Drive
  • nVidia Geforce 3 Class Video Card
  • DirectX compatible Sound Card
  • DirectX 9.0a

 Download Gladiator Sword of Vengeance, via mediafire



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